Se Materials

Company Profile

Shanghai Se Materials Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, with offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou, and raw material product warehouses in Shanghai and Guangzhou. Se Materials is committed to the import and export business and distribution of special polymers and chemicals, and is deeply involved in the special polymers and chemicals market required by the domestic industry.


Our company distributes foreign special polymer products and domestic special chemicals. The main sales products are special polymer raw materials (long-chain nylon raw materials/fluoropolymers/powder coatings) and special chemicals (organic silicone glue/gas phase oxidation metal powder, etc.), serving the automotive industry, optical fiber cables, lithium batteries , water industry, textile industry, electronic appliances and other industries. The company established a joint venture modified plastic/powder production plant in Huangshan, Anhui in 2018, which can provide customized products and create conditions for customers to continuously innovate.


With the help of the founding team's more than 20 years of sales experience in specialty polymers and special chemicals, Se Materials has consistently expanded the market and established good cooperative relations with well-known domestic and foreign companies.


To be a professional supplier of specialty polymers and specialty chemicals!


Excellent product quality

Main products: long-chain nylon raw materials, special powder coatings, raw materials for lithium batteries

Rich industry experience

Industry experience: Founded in 2013, it has raw material product warehouses in Shanghai and Guangzhou respectively.

Excellent quality assurance

The company abides by contracts and keeps promises. Survive by quality and develop by innovation.

Perfect customer service system

The company has a perfect pre-sale and after-sale system

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