Shanghai nylon material is a kind of high toughness, stronger than ABS consumables


As a traditional raw material, Shanghai nylon material is famous for its excellent durability, high strength, high wear resistance, low wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and is widely used in the manufacturing industry.

Nylon is a term for acrylic resin fiber (nylon), called PA. For consumers who frequently use polylactic acid, printing with polylactic acid is more flexible, suitable for many places, and has the general compressive strength required by general application places, but when it needs to be used in professional places, it can be found that it is not suitable. Polylactic acid printed parts cannot be exposed to the sun for a long time, and it is not suitable for places higher than 100°C.

If you use ABS for 3D printing, you can find that it is more durable than polylactic acid. However, 3D printed ABS parts are generally not as strong as injection molded parts, and the printed parts are generally not strong enough due to the bonding force of the solid layer.




Shanghai nylon material is a kind of high toughness, very durable 3D printing consumables. It is very malleable, and at the same time, the solid layer has good adhesion, which is stronger than ABS consumables.

The high melting temperature and low frictional resistance of Shanghai nylon material make it widely used in construction, and it is suitable for making general daily necessities, such as 3D printing wrench tools, transmission gears, and self-designed DIY parts using Shanghai nylon materials.

Terms of Use

1. Appropriate temperature

The general forming temperature of Shanghai nylon material is 260°C to 280°C. The relatively low temperature cannot make the nylon material melt and extrude to achieve a stable platform flow. A relatively high temperature has a relatively high design point for the overall print head.

The customized AA nozzle is suitable for non-abrasive plastics, which can smoothly give the high temperature required for printing nylon materials and the actual effect of sufficient and timely heat removal.

2. Raw materials are kept clean

Nylon has strong water absorption, even if it is placed in the room, it will digest and absorb the moisture of the gas, absorb nutrients for a long time and even make the weight of water more than 10%.

So how do you judge whether the consumables have returned moisture? When the print head nozzle squeezes nylon, there is a lot of white smoke at the entrance and exit of the extrusion head. At the same time, it is accompanied by a crackling sound, which means that the consumables have returned moisture seriously, and the surface layer of the parts printed by the moisture-returning consumables There will be bubbles, and even the printed solid layer will be loosely bonded. Thanks for reading, I hope my sharing is helpful to you.

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