What are the use methods and application examples of nylon powder?


What are the use methods and application examples of nylon powder?

It is applied to the spraying surface treatment process of hair dryers, toys, mobile phone cases, earphones, safety helmets, baby carriage accessories, etc. It effectively solves the problem of insufficient adhesion of nylon or modified nylon materials during the spraying process, and replaces the traditional corona method and flame method with primer coating. So what are the use methods and application examples of nylon powder?

What are the usage methods and application examples of nylon powder?

It is easy to use on rotary automatic spraying lines, reciprocating machine lines and manual lines. Increased efficiency eliminates the hazards and unstable adhesion of traditional corona and flame treatments. The treatment agent is especially suitable for nylon and fiberglass materials, which can solve the problem of insufficient adhesion of paint to nylon substrates.

1. Nylon powder Use glass fiber and other materials to clean the surface of nylon or nylon to remove oil stains, dust, release agents and other substances remaining on the surface.

2. Spray or brush the nylon treatment agent (spray evenly), the film thickness is 5-10m, and let it stand for 10 minutes.

3. Paint (ordinary paint, rubber paint, uv, silver oil, PU paint, etc.) or glue (hot melt adhesive, etc.) Let stand for 5-10 minutes.

4. Dry the coated workpiece at a temperature of 80 for 30 minutes, and check the finished product.

What are the performance characteristics of nylon powder?

1. Strong wettability and permeability

2. Good leveling property.

3. Nylon powder can greatly improve the interlayer adhesion between the coating and the substrate, and greatly improve the heat resistance, salt spray resistance and moisture resistance of the coating film.

4. Good compatibility

5. Nylon powder is widely used in various paints and coating systems

6. Strong versatility, suitable for nylon and modified nylon substrates.

7. Suitable for painting and gluing process.

What does nylon powder pass the test?

1. Adhesion test: Three tests were carried out on the adhesive tape with an adhesive force of 350g/cm2~400g/cm2, and there was no peeling off at the edge and intersection of the scribed line.

2. Nylon powder hardness test: test with a 2H pencil with a force of 800g, and there is no scratch on the surface (scratch the top coat).

3. Abrasion resistance test: Use a dedicated RCA abrasion tester and a special paper tape to apply a load of 250g, and drive the paper tape to rub continuously on the surface of the sample for 1000 times without any substrate.

4. Alcohol resistance test: Wipe the surface of the sample with absolute alcohol, with a force of 500 grams, a speed of 40-60 times/minute, a stroke of about 20 mm, and 200 cycles. No stripping of paint, no visible fading of the finish.

5. Bending test: hold both ends of the case with both hands, bend the case at a uniform speed for 90 degrees, and then restore it. No flaking, fine powdering, peeling or peeling.

6. Boiling test: After boiling at 80C for 1 hour, there is no peeling, blistering or discoloration on the surface.

7. Nylon powder high and low temperature storage test: Store in an environment with a temperature of 70 °C and a humidity of 90-95% RH for 48 hours, take it out and store it at room temperature for 2 hours, then transfer it to a low temperature box at -20 °C for 48 hours. After the test, the temperature of the workpiece returned to room temperature, and the sample had no deformation, cracking and toughness reduction. Paint adhesion reaches 4B.

8. Nylon powder anti-hand sweat test: stick the sweat-stained non-woven fabric on the surface of the product and seal it with a plastic bag. After standing at room temperature for 24 hours, wipe off the sweat on the surface of the workpiece, check the appearance of the paint, and test the adhesion and wear resistance of the paint. There is no abnormality on the surface of the workpiece, and the adhesion and wear resistance tests are qualified.


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