What are the advantages of nylon powder?


Higher hygroscopicity than other printing materials, so easier to paint over colors, higher strength and flexibility, today, nylon powder is widely used in common machine parts, such as cable ties, screws, bolts, nuts, and even plastic gears. Of course, compared with other plastic materials, nylon powder requires a higher printing temperature, which makes it more professional in use, so what are the advantages of nylon powder?

What are the advantages of nylon powder?

1. Fused deposition modeling is one of the commonly used printing methods, and nylon thread is used for printing. With technology, it is easy to print a prototype, but it is relatively difficult to make a smooth finished product, because nylon is more susceptible to moisture. For better results, it can be dried to reduce humidity before use.

2. Multi-nozzle melting This is a non-laser sintering 3D printing technology for powder materials, using localized heating and a movable print head. Nylon powder does not need to dry all the materials, but it still needs a relatively anhydrous environment to get good results.

3. Selective laser sintering can guarantee a certain precision, and different types of nylon and composite materials can be used. This method is suitable for printing those complex structures, but pay attention to the deformation caused by heat shrinkage.

Can nylon powder be used as printing nylon material?

1. Nylon powder is also called polyamide 11 (or PA11). This nylon has excellent flexibility and impact strength, making it ideal for printing aerospace parts and tubing in the automotive and construction industries. Nylon powder is relatively moisture-proof and more convenient to operate.

2. Carbon fiber nylon Carbon fiber filled nylon is a composite nylon material. As we all know, nylon powder has many advantages like standard nylon, including high strength and rigidity. However, its manufactured components are lighter and more suitable for portable tools, functional prototypes and some components used by users.

3. Glass fiber nylon is often used in printing and has high rigidity and mechanical strength. In addition, fiberglass nylon is generally tough and has good elasticity. It is very suitable for making parts that need to withstand static load and high temperature for a long time, but it is not suitable for making sliding parts due to the rough finish. Aluminum nylon, also known as nylon aluminum powder, can present metal coating effects, high hardness, and high post-processing quality.

4. Nylon powder is of higher quality than ordinary filled nylon materials, because it adds flame retardant components, and is suitable for making complete sets of custom application parts. As a legally recognized flame retardant ingredient, it has passed the toxicity test of combustion smoke and can be used in commercial, military and civil aircraft interiors.

5. Mineral nylon is also called nylon. Composed of mineral fibers, this polyamide material offers a unique combination of strength, heat resistance and rigidity. Its finish is clean and can be used to show details. It is ideal for load-bearing applications and prototypes where size is required.


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