Comparison of Nylon Elastomer and High Temperature Nylon


When it comes to polyamide (nylon), everyone will not be unfamiliar for a certain period of time, because it has a good comprehensive technical performance, including Chinese mechanical system performance, heat resistance, wear resistance, chemical resistance and self-lubrication, It has certain flame retardancy, is easy to process, and is suitable for the enhancement and modification of fillers such as glass fiber. It is widely used in agricultural machinery, automobiles, electrical appliances, textile enterprise equipment, chemical production equipment, aviation, metallurgy and other fields. The world's top five general information engineering plastics products with large output, large variety and wide application.


Nylon elastomer

Nylon elastomer is a block copolymer composed of high melting point and crystalline polyamide hard segment and amorphous polyether or polyester soft segment. For the soft segment, polyethylene glycol, propylene glycol, polybutylene glycol and dihydroxy can be used for aliphatic polyester.

Due to the wide range of materials available for soft and hard segments, nylon elastomers can adjust the degree of polymerization and mixing ratio of soft and hard segments, and can be designed to prepare thermoplastic elastomers with different properties and application levels according to different uses, while maintaining rubber. , The basic properties and strength and toughness of plastic elastomers.




Due to the uniqueness of nylon elastomer, it is widely used in auto parts, sporting goods, medical supplies, household goods, machine tools, toys, electronics, electrical industries and other products, and its development is very rapid. ​​

High temperature resistant nylon

High-temperature nylon refers to the nylon material that can be used for a long time in an environment above 150°C. The melting point is generally 290°C~320°C, and the thermal deformation control temperature effect of glass and fiber modification is greater than 290°C. It can also maintain excellent mechanical properties in a wide temperature range and high humidity.

The above is an introduction to nylon elastomers, I hope it will be helpful to you.


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