Effect of Toughener on Properties of Nylon Elastomer


The effect of toughening agent on the performance of nylon elastomer

Nylon elastomer has good compatibility. Compared with pure nylon, the elongation rate does not change much when the addition amount is small. Larger amounts of elastomers can play a role in transferring loads, so both reinforcements provide higher elongation.

Influence of Tougheners on Properties of Nylon Elastomers

The flexural strength and modulus of flexural elasticity tend to decrease monotonically with increasing reinforcement. Adding bending strength and bending modulus of elasticity reduces the range up to about 35%.

Effect of Toughener on Impact Properties of Elastomers

The notched impact strength of the nylon elastomer system increases with the increase in the amount of toughener added, and the nylon elastomer system reaches the highest value at about 10%. When the addition amount is less than 5%, the effects of the three strengthening agents are not much different, but when the addition amount is large (15%), the strengthening effect of nylon is significantly increased, and when the addition amount reaches 25%, the notched impact strength will change from pure to Nylon 6 increases.

Effect of toughening agent on visa softening point temperature

Tougheners will slightly reduce the heat resistance of nylon elastomers.

Research and Development Prospects of Nylon Elastomers

Acorn two-phase compatibility and phase evolution are important issues in the preparation of nylon elastomers. Combining molecular design, in-situ compatibilization and dynamic vulcanization techniques, the structure and phase transition of nylon elastomers are determined by various methods. Helps improve performance.

Application prospects: From oil resistance, medical use, further development to high barrier and oil resistance/high temperature resistance, there are more and more types of nylon elastomers, and the development of high value-added nylon elastomer materials will be developed in the future, such as conductive and flame-retardant PA elastic body. Improved Prospects for Industrialized Equipment: There are still problems with industrialized production. When using a traditional twin-screw extruder, the residence time of the material is short, and it is difficult for the system to achieve complete vulcanization and uniform distribution.


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