Nylon elastomer (TPAE) has excellent properties


Nylon elastomer (TPAE), also known as thermoplastic polyamide elastomer, is a block copolymer containing polyamide hard segments and aliphatic polyester or polyether soft segments. Nylon elastomer has high tensile strength, good elastic recovery, high low temperature impact strength, excellent low temperature resistance and easy processability, so it is widely used in electronics, automobile industry, food packaging, medical equipment and Sporting goods and other fields.

According to the composition of hard segment and soft segment, nylon elastomer can be divided into nylon 6, nylon 66 and nylon 12. Among them, nylon 12 is more common. Compared with other thermoplastic elastomers, nylon elastomers have the advantages of transparency, good processability, light weight, and good comprehensive performance, and have good application prospects.



At present, most nylon elastomers on the market are polyetheramide block copolymers (PEBA), which are similar in properties to TPU, and are mainly used in the production of cables, hoses, wires and other products. The production methods of nylon elastomer mainly include hydrolytic ring-opening polymerization and anionic polymerization, and the former can be divided into dibasic acid method and diisocyanate method.

In terms of industry development, nylon elastomers need to be blended with other engineering plastics to produce thermoplastic elastomer alloys to improve product performance, open up new application fields, and promote industry development.

Nylon elastomer has excellent performance and a wide range of applications, with good prospects for industry development. However, due to the high production technology threshold, the global TPAE production capacity is concentrated, and the consumer demand is mainly concentrated in Europe and Japan. In recent years, with the development of China's industry and economy, the domestic TPAE consumption demand has been rising, which has promoted the development of the domestic TPAE industry. At present, there are very few domestic enterprises that realize TPAE production.


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