What are the properties of nylon powder?


What are the characteristics of nylon powder?

Nylon powder is a diversified product, mainly used in underwear fasteners, dishwasher nets, nylon coated buckles, trolleys, seats, coil coating, metal furniture, auto parts, air conditioner protection nets, fluidized beds and Metal surface coating is a product with high temperature resistance, wear resistance, moisture resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, excellent crack resistance, strong scaling resistance, and excellent low temperature resistance, which meets the requirements.

What fields has nylon powder been widely used for a long time?



Nylon powder has long been widely used in the daily necessities industry - in Europe, 50% of dishwasher frames are coated with nylon powder. coating.​​

Water treatment - water industry pipes and joints are coated with nylon powder, which can resist corrosion for a long time, even if corrosive water is not afraid, but still maintain all the natural properties of water, nylon powder can also protect many parts, such as valves, pumps, Flanges, boiler tubes and connectors for transporting and treating drinking water or waste water.

Industry - car drive shaft or spline drive shaft, sliding door guide rail (especially for mini vans), gear shaft fork, brake pipe, steering wheel, etc., other industries (clothing electronic machinery, etc.): underwear accessories (08 adjustment buckle, steel Rings, hooks, etc.,); Electronic anti-slip and anti-loosening screws for industrial use; Facility and shopping carts, Nylon powder-coated automobiles are: easy to clean and maintain, low noise levels, less expensive than galvanized, and meet all standards , There are also many applications in other fields, such as construction, large machinery, sporting goods and so on.

Is nylon powder a pollution-free product?

Because nylon powder is non-toxic, harmless and tasteless, it will not be eroded by mold, so it will not promote the growth of bacteria. It is suitable for parts of food industry machines, drinking water pipes and food packaging bags. Mildew and antibacterial function, suitable for contact with sea water, with strong impact resistance, hardness and wear resistance.


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