What is special impregnation powder for chemical industry?


What is special chemical impregnation powder? It is an anti-corrosion electrostatic powder with excellent solvent resistance, aging resistance, severe blow resistance, bending resistance, acid resistance, corrosion resistance and good surface decoration characteristics.

1. High pressure polyethylene powder thermosetting electrostatic powder is also called high pressure polyethylene powder resin coating. Thermoplastic powder is an anti-corrosion electrostatic powder made of high-density polyethylene (LDPE) as raw material, mixed with various modifiers and toned. The coating has high quality solvent resistance, aging resistance, vigorous blowing resistance, entanglement resistance, acid resistance, corrosion resistance and good appearance and decoration.

2. Prerequisites for international practice engineering construction:

1. Carry out anti-rust and degreasing treatment on the product workpiece to solve the penalty, and heat it to 350±50°C (the actual heating temperature depends on the thermal conductivity of the product workpiece, which will be decided after implementation).

2. Immerse the product workpiece in the circulating fluidized bed for 10-12 seconds, heat it to 150℃-230℃, store it in the exterior paint, and cool it.



In addition, electrostatic powder can be formed in one shot without circulating fluidized bed.

3. The application of anxiety:

Plastic dipping powder is widely used in the coating of fences, bicycle baskets, bookcases, hangers, and refrigerators along the highway, along the railway, ecological parks, courtyards, etc.

4. Essence:

The wear-resistant layer of dipping powder is 0.5-3 meters thick, which has strong anti-attack characteristics and has a longer validity period.

The main parameters of professional skills:

Dip powder particle size: 50 -70 mesh

Relative density of dipping powder: 0.92-0.94 g/cubic decimeter


Key words:

Dip powder

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