What industry is nylon powder used in?


The English name of nylon powder (referred to as PA), with a density of 1.16g/cm3. It is a general term for thermoplastic resins containing repeating amide groups -[NHCO]- in the main chain of the molecule, including aliphatic PA, aliphatic-aromatic PA and aromatic PA. family pa. Among them, aliphatic PA has many varieties, large output and wide application, and its name depends on the specific number of carbon atoms in the synthetic monomer.

Nylon products are widely used and are a good material to replace steel, iron, copper and other metals with plastics. It is important that MC cast nylon replaces the wear parts of mechanical equipment and copper and alloys are used as wear parts of equipment. It is suitable for manufacturing wear parts, transmission structural parts, conveying sliding parts, automobile manufacturing parts, chemical machinery parts, chemical equipment and other parts. Such as gears, roller casters, bushings, skateboard pulleys, impellers, conveying rollers, structural connectors, sealing rings, seals, screws, nuts, etc.

1. High strength, can bear the load for a long time.

2. Good resilience, can be bent without deformation, at the same time can maintain toughness and resist repeated impact.



3. Wear resistance and self-lubrication, provide better working performance than bronze cast iron carbon steel and phenolic laminates in oil-free (or degreasing) lubrication applications, reduce consumption and save energy.

4 Noise absorption and shock absorption, the modulus of nylon powder is much smaller than that of metal, and the vibration attenuation is large, which provides a better practical way to prevent noise than metal.

5. Compared with metal, nylon powder has lower hardness and will not damage wear parts.

6. The continuous and durable working temperature of nylon powder is -40~100℃.


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