Nylon powder manufacturers will introduce to you the precautions for environmentally friendly nylon and reinforced nylon for industrial products


Nylon powder manufacturers introduce the precautions for environmentally friendly nylon and reinforced nylon for industrial products

Nylon powder manufacturers: precautions for environmentally friendly nylon

1. Environmentally friendly nylon must be used within 12 hours when sizing agents and additives are added, and cannot be recycled and stored.

2. The expired pulp of environmentally friendly nylon cannot be added to the standard pulp, so as not to damage the performance.

3. Because waterproof and environmentally friendly nylon is different in preventing water treatment, different tests are required. This test can be used until it can be used.

4. When special washing, environmental protection nylon should be tested, and the chemical formula, water temperature and time of special washing should be recorded.

Nylon powder manufacturers: different types and applications of modified nylon



Nylon powder manufacturers: Modified nylon is modified according to the needs of the corresponding application field. There are many varieties and different performances, which also expands the application field of nylon. Market demand can be roughly divided into: reinforced nylon, toughened nylon, wear-resistant nylon, halogen-free flame-retardant nylon, conductive nylon, flame-retardant nylon, etc.

Reinforced nylon: Adding a reinforcing agent to nylon can improve the tensile, bending and compressive strength of nylon. Applications: electrical appliances, automobile engines and engine peripheral parts, chemical and textile equipment. the

Toughened nylon: By adding glass fibers or tougheners, the tensile and bending strength of nylon can be improved. Application fields: aerospace, automobile, machinery, chemical industry and other fields.

Flame-retardant nylon: The flame retardancy of nylon is enhanced by adding a flame retardant to nylon. Applications: electrical and electronic industries, lighting equipment, automation control and other industries.

Wear-resistant nylon: Add various anti-friction materials and mix it with an extruder to make nylon modified plastics. It is used in automobiles, mechanical engineering and other industries, and is suitable for making various wear-resistant products.

Conductive nylon: This product has a wide range of uses, covering almost every field. It is the most widely used variety among the five major engineering plastics. It is used in industries such as electronics, integrated circuit packaging, and electromagnetic waves.

Nylon powder manufacturers: reinforced nylon for industrial products

Nylon powder manufacturers: The use of reinforced nylon is indispensable in our industrial production. Nowadays, with the increase of market demand, the simple texture of reinforced nylon can no longer meet the needs of industrial production. Tougheners and glass are added to the original nylon Fiber blended materials increase the tensile bending and strength of the material, because the increase in glass fiber content in nylon is conducive to the improvement of its toughness, and this nylon is reinforced nylon.

Nylon powder manufacturers: Reinforced nylon only adds 30% to 35% of glass fiber and 8% to 12% of toughening agent, so that the comprehensive mechanical properties of the material can be brought into play, and the reinforcing material is used to improve the performance of nylon, which helps its durability Thermal properties, rigidity, bendability, and bendability, especially the latter two, have been significantly improved, which makes it more widely used in industry.

Nylon powder manufacturers: Reinforced nylon is widely used in industrial products. Reinforced nylon has good wear resistance, oil resistance, heat resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, and its dimensional stability has also been improved.

This is the end of the introduction of nylon powder manufacturers today. Thank you for watching.


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