Nylon powder manufacturers: what is nylon? What are the characteristics?


Nylon powder manufacturer: Nylon, also known as polyamide fiber, referred to as PA, is a general term for thermoplastic resins, which have repeating amide-[NHCO]- groups on its molecular backbone. Including nylon aliphatic polyamides, aliphatic-aromatic polyamides and aromatic polyamides. Among them, aliphatic PA has many varieties, large output and wide application, and its name depends on the specific number of carbon atoms in the synthetic monomer.

Nylon powder manufacturer: Nylon has an irreplaceable role in chemical fiber due to its outstanding performance characteristics. Nylon fiber is characterized by high strength and good abrasion resistance, which is 10 times that of cotton, 20 times that of wool, and 50 times that of viscose fiber. Secondly, nylon fiber has outstanding moisture absorption performance, and its public moisture regain is 4.5%, which is much higher than 0.4% of polyester fiber. Nylon powder manufacturers tell you that compared with other chemical fibers, nylon fibers also have the characteristics of good resilience, light weight, softness, mild skin feel, antistatic, anti-pilling, easy dyeing, and high color fastness required by civilian textiles.



Definition and Classification of Specialty Nylon

Nylon powder manufacturers: Conventional nylon generally refers to PA6 and PA66. Conventional nylon still has disadvantages such as strong hydrophilicity, high temperature resistance, and poor transparency after reinforcement and flame-retardant modification, which limit more applications. Therefore, in order to improve the shortcomings and add new functions, generally by introducing new synthetic monomers, a series of special nylons with different characteristics and meeting different applications can be obtained, mainly divided into high temperature nylon, long carbon chain nylon, transparent nylon, biological Base nylon and nylon elastomer, etc.

Nylon powder manufacturers: At present, special nylon mainly includes long-chain nylon and high-temperature nylon. Among them, long-chain nylon is the main one, and the number of repeating monomers exceeds 10.


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