Wanhua Chemical's high-performance PA12 material facilitates low-carbon travel for automobiles


On October 27-28, Wanhua Chemical presented its automotive pipeline material solutions at the 2021 International Vehicle Pipeline Advanced Intelligent Manufacturing and Application Technology Annual Conference and Exhibition. In this meeting, the high-performance PA12 material for automobile pipelines developed by Wanhua Chemical has excellent dimensional stability, fuel resistance, chemical resistance and low temperature toughness, which can provide a strong guarantee for the normal operation of automobiles, and was highly praised by the guests on site. extensive attention.  

Under the vision of the "dual carbon" goal, new energy and lightweight have become the mainstream development trend of the automotive industry. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, the battery power system of new energy vehicles has higher requirements on the safety performance of materials. The series of high-performance materials launched by Wanhua Chemical can meet the various demanding needs of new energy vehicles, help vehicles save energy and reduce emissions, and improve driving experience.


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