Wanhua Chemical and Peak Sports Release All-Material Sole Recycling Solution


On December 5th, the Peak Sports Annual Ceremony - Future Sports Technology Conference was grandly held in Beijing. During the event, Wanhua Chemical and Peak Sports jointly released the all-material shoe sole recycling plan.

The all-material sole recycling scheme uses polyurethane material reaction molding technology to reprocess the crushed waste midsole materials and make new midsoles. At present, only a small part of plastic waste can be recycled. In most cases, worn-out shoes will be directly discarded and incinerated. This solution makes full use of the excellent bonding and foaming properties of polyurethane materials and combines the high-efficiency integrated molding reaction technology. It realizes the unification of the waste material treatment process and the new product production process, making the material 100% recycled again and again, and the whole process is efficient and convenient.

It is worth mentioning that, in the face of a wide range of midsole materials on the market, polyurethane material reaction molding technology can be widely used in EVA, PU, ​​TPU and other materials. recycling problems. Through the addition of different material particles during the polyurethane infusion molding process, the finished midsole achieves light weight while ensuring sufficient elasticity and stability, improving the overall performance of the entire sole. At the same time, this process utilizes the bonding ability of polyurethane, and no additional gluing is required throughout the process, which greatly improves production efficiency.

With the corporate mission of "Chemistry, Better Life", Wanhua Chemical not only pursues excellence in the process of providing high-quality raw materials, but also bases itself on the entire industry ecosystem to continuously promote long-term sustainable, green and environmentally friendly practices. We put all our effort into a pair of "recycling" shoes, and we hope to work together with more partners to protect the earth's ecological environment!

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