Arkema to build new bio-based polyamide 11 powder plant in China


Arkema has announced that it will build a new polyamide 11 powder plant at its Changshu production site in China, scheduled to start production in the first quarter of 2023. The project will develop in parallel with Arkema's major project in Singapore to expand the global production capacity of bio-based polyamide 11 by 50%. This investment will further support the growing demand for recycled, renewable, high-performance bio-based materials in the Asian market.

Rilsan® polyamide 11 powder is derived entirely from renewable castor beans and is currently produced in France, and is known worldwide for its outstanding properties and performance in terms of toughness, durability, light weight and processing versatility. This powder is used in extremely demanding applications and provides innovative solutions for fast-growing markets driven by megatrends such as durable home appliances, energy efficient transportation and advanced additive primarily for consumer, industrial and aerospace markets Manufacturing (3D printing).

In addition to the powder's bio-based nature, the project will support Arkema's ambitious commitment to sustainability through an efficient manufacturing process and a location closer to the new aminoundecanoic acid plant in Singapore.

Erwoan Pezron, Senior Vice President of Arkema's Performance Polymers business unit, said: "We are very excited about this expansion, with strong and continuing demand in Asia for all of our key powder product markets. This increase in production will help us achieve localized supply.”

The expansion coincides with the Group's main polyamide 11 plant currently under construction in Singapore and will be commissioned in mid-2022, and has been included in the 450 million euros dedicated capex budget for polyamide expansion in Asia.

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