Arkema to launch a new bio-based PA11 plant in Singapore in the first half of 2022


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Arkema high performance polymers.

Arkema's high-performance polymer brands include KYNAR® PVDF fluoropolymer, high-performance bio-based polyamide RILSAN® PA11, thermoplastic PEBAX® nylon elastomer, ultra-high performance KEPSTAN® polyether ketone ketone and other high-performance long-chain nylons resin. We provide material solutions and technical support for different markets around the world.

Arkema confirmed that the production of aminoundecanoic acid monomer and its flagship product Rilsan® polyamide 11 (PA11) high-performance polymer will start in the new plant on Jurong Island, Singapore in the first half of next year as planned, which means that Arkema The global production capacity of PA11 will increase by 50%. The plant will be 100% sourced from renewable castor beans.

With this ambitious program announced in 2017, Arkema is fulfilling its strong commitment to specialty materials and the bio-based PA11 range. Upon completion of the project, the Singapore plant will be the world's largest integrated bio-based monomer and polymer plant dedicated to the production of high-performance polymers. This means that the global production capacity of Arkema PA11 will increase by 50%. Arkema's total investment in the region is about 450 million euros, which also includes investment in downstream polyamide production capacity in China. In order to finance the new factory in Singapore, Arkema successfully issued its first-ever green bond in October 2020, with a total amount of 300 million euros.

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