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With the rapid development of science and technology, life is being changed by green energy. The sparkling photovoltaic panels, the incomparably tall wind power generation, and the lithium batteries that fill all aspects of life are all full of infinite vitality, and the development of these new energy sources, regardless of whether The production of photovoltaic panels, the production of wind power impellers, or the production of lithium batteries is inseparable from a unique material, that is, carbon materials.

So, what is carbon material? It is not our common coal, let alone the charcoal we grill. It is a series of materials composed of carbon atoms with their own structures and properties. Among the types of composite materials, carbon fiber, graphene, etc., there is a material called diamond, which is actually a carbon material, but due to the unique properties and scarcity of diamond, everyone is more accustomed to calling him diamond.
Speaking of which, what is the relationship between carbon materials and new energy? In fact, carbon materials play a pivotal role in the production process of new energy materials. Here is a brief introduction!

First, the photovoltaic field

Today's mainstream crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells, the most important substrate is monocrystalline silicon wafers, photovoltaic cells are formed by a series of fabrications on the surface of monocrystalline silicon wafers to form P-N junctions with power generation functions, and the most important monocrystalline silicon wafers , it is not born with such performance, it is through melting polysilicon at high temperature, and then performing long-range ordered recrystallization to form the best single crystal silicon, and in the process of high temperature melting and crystal growth, it is necessary to To form a cavity that can withstand ultra-high temperature, the carbon material has come to the most critical position. It can form this ultra-high temperature cavity (thermal field insulation material), not only requires carbon-carbon composite materials (Jinbo, Chaoma), but also High-purity graphite materials (Fangda) are required to start the production of monocrystalline silicon. With the rapid growth of photovoltaics this year, carbon materials in the photovoltaic field have been in a state of short supply, and this will continue to be maintained in the future. A state of scarcity!

Second, the wind power sector

With the development of wind power generation towards the sea surface and large-scale, traditional FRP blades can no longer meet the needs of large-scale and lightweight. At this time, carbon materials have come to the front of wind power again. It has become the best choice for wind blades. In the current situation that the diameter of the wind rotor has exceeded 120m, carbon materials can effectively reduce the overall weight by about 40% and the cost by about 15%. With further technological improvement, it is believed that the demand for carbon materials will be further improved!

Finally, the lithium battery

As lithium batteries have higher and higher requirements for battery capacity, cycle time, and cost, carbon anode materials have entered the historical stage of lithium batteries, especially with their excellent electrical conductivity, better crystallinity, and good layered structure. , is an ideal anode material, and with the continuous growth of electric vehicles on the road, the continuous increase in the amount of lithium batteries, carbon materials are playing an increasingly important role, in the near future, even if there are new breakthroughs in silicon carbon anodes , carbon materials will continue to play a key role in lithium batteries!

In summary, we can see that carbon materials are playing an increasingly important role in new energy fields such as photovoltaics, wind power, and lithium batteries by virtue of their excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, high strength, and electrical conductivity. , the future is full of stars and seas, and carbon materials, as their basic materials, simply have no upper limit. Therefore, we need to focus on the development of carbon materials. Here, we should give you an introduction, and you can continue to research on your own. After all, carbon materials There are many kinds, any one has a wide application market!

Speaking of this, I believe that I have a relatively simple understanding of carbon materials and new energy, and the focus is coming. For us, which carbon material companies are worthy of our attention, please continue to read:

1. Fangda Carbon: a leading enterprise in the graphite industry
Main business: The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of graphite, carbon products, anode materials for lithium ion batteries, graphene and downstream product materials, of which graphite thermal fields and electrode products are widely used. Main advantages: the company is the largest graphite electrode enterprise in the country and the third largest in the world. It has the most advanced large-scale electrode production equipment in the world and the domestic advanced graphitization furnace; in the past two years, with the development of new energy vehicles in China Sales have grown significantly, and revenue from lithium battery materials has also grown by leaps and bounds.

2. Jinbo Co., Ltd.: the leader of single crystal thermal field materials
Main business: The company is mainly engaged in single crystal furnace carbon-carbon thermal field series products, which is the company's current main business income. Secondly, the company also deploys hydrogen energy business.
Main advantages: profound technology accumulation, obvious cost leadership advantages, and still has a large room for growth. It is a "specialized and special new" company, and its customers cover almost all enterprises in the field of photovoltaic silicon wafers!

3. Shijin Technology: Hillhouse Concept
Main business: The company mainly provides graphite materials and related precision graphite products, solid felt thermal fields, and other carbon-based products;
Main advantages: mainly provide related thermal field and graphite boat business for LONGi.

4. Zhongtian Rocket (Super Code): a carbon material company with a military background
Main business: The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of carbon-carbon thermal field materials, semiconductor thermal field materials, aircraft brake discs, and solid rocket products.
The main advantage: unknown, you can check it yourself!

5. Guangwei composite material: carbon fiber faucet
Main business: The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of carbon fiber and carbon fiber composite materials;
Main advantages: It has the entire industrial chain layout of the carbon fiber industry, with complete products, both military and civilian!

6. Zhongjian Technology: High-end carbon fiber supplier
Main business: R&D, production, sales and technical services of high-performance carbon fiber and related products.
Main advantages: strong independent research and development capabilities, independent research and development products to break foreign monopoly, large contracts in hand, the future can be expected.

7. Jinggong Technology: carbon fiber, sensors, aerospace concepts
Main business: The main products are carbon fiber complete production lines and carbon fiber microwave graphitization production lines; carbon fiber complete production lines use 12K, 24K, 48K and above raw silk as raw materials, and have an annual production capacity of more than 1,000 tons of carbon fiber;
Main advantages: Multi-field development, and all of them are fields with great development potential!

8. Jilin Chemical Fiber: Carbon Fiber Concept
Main business: engaged in the production and sales of viscose filament
Main advantages: The company signed a strategic cooperation with Jinggong.

9. Jilin Carbon Valley
Main business: Mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of carbon fiber precursors, carbon fibers and carbon fiber textile products.
Main advantages: With the rapid development of the civilian product market, the application fields have been broadened both horizontally and vertically, and the sales of carbon fiber precursor products have been rapidly expanded.

10. Hengshen Co., Ltd.
Main business: R&D, manufacturing, sales, testing and service of fiber materials, composite materials and their products;
Main advantages: the company has a complete range of products and has a certain market position in the industry.
Above, the role and value of carbon materials are explained from the relationship between carbon materials and new energy. The development of carbon materials is deepening. If the development of new energy doubles, the development of carbon materials will at least triple, especially in the current carbon materials. In the early stage of development, more opportunities are waiting for us to explore!

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