Development Trend of Flame Retardant Shanghai Nylon Materials

Polyester has a wide range of uses due to its good physical properties, electrical properties, temperature resistance, ductility, wear resistance, wear resistance, self-lubrication, chemical resistance and other properties. The flame retardant Shanghai nylon material also promotes the change of flame retardant nylon due to its good flame retardant properties, excellent physical properties of mechanical equipment, remarkable electrical insulation properties, good high temperature reliability, new product development coordination ability and cost controllability. It becomes a high-quality material suitable for the vast majority of industrial production power installation projects, electronic equipment and household appliances.


Shanghai nylon material is a kind of high toughness, stronger than ABS consumables

As a traditional raw material, Shanghai nylon material is famous for its excellent durability, high strength, high wear resistance, low wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and is widely used in the manufacturing industry.


Characteristics of Shanghai nylon material

Regarding the characteristics of Shanghai nylon materials, not only the problems encountered when printing Shanghai nylon materials are changed according to the support of the hardware upgrade package, but also more practical ones are launched through in-depth analysis of Shanghai nylon materials.


The principle of dipping powder dipping

Dip powder impregnation originated from the fluidized bed method, and was applied to the differentiation of petroleum contacts on the Winklerwas outburst furnace. Later, it developed into a solid-gas two-phase contact process, and was gradually applied to metal-plastic coating. Therefore, it is still sometimes referred to as "fluidized bed coating". The practical process is to put the powder coating into a porous container (active tank) at the bottom, and feed it from below through compressed air processed by a blower to turn the powder coating to a "fluidized state". It becomes a fine, evenly distributed powder.


Dip powder company: the advantages of liquid dip coating

Dip plastic powder is rich in material sources, cheap and non-toxic. A wide range of color configurations can be configured in a variety of colors, and can also be configured with hard smooth, soft smooth, fine-grained, coarse-grained, matte, and luminous dips. The dipping powder paint film has strong adhesion, low temperature resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance, moisture resistance, salt spray resistance, tensile resistance, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, high pressure resistance, chemical resistance, and excellent weather resistance. Cracks and other properties will occur.


What process is the dip powder used for?

Dip powder is widely used in road, railway, park, courtyard and other guardrails, bicycle baskets, bookshelves, hangers, refrigerator grates surface coating. The function of impregnating powder: the thickness of the shoe layer is 0.5-3mm, the impact resistance is strong, and the protection period is longer. Plastic spraying refers to a surface treatment method of spraying plastic powder on the surface of a product.

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