General industry

PA1010 can bring 100% bio-based fabrics. Its excellent abrasion resistance and low temperature resistance are ideal materials for lightweight parachute and sailboat fabrics.

Nylon yarn: Long carbon chain PA12/PA1010/PA612/PA610 nylon resin has excellent flexibility and wet environment Excellent dimensional stability.

Permanent antistatic agent: Specific Pebax® Various resin substrates.


Specification of antistatic agent

PA12-based Pebax® MV series

Bio-based Pebax® Rnew® 30R51 SA 01 based on PA11

PA6 based Pebax® MH series

MV1074 SA 01 and MH 1657 (Physical Table Imperial/Metric), Food Contact Approved

MV1074 SA 01 MED, certified by USP VI


Applicable Resins and Processes




PC mixture


Various types of nylon resin



Cast film, Blown film

Blow molding


Belts, Pulleys and Silent Gears: Pebax® It can maintain the consistency of energy rebound.



Development Trend of Flame Retardant Shanghai Nylon Materials

Polyester has a wide range of uses due to its good physical properties, electrical properties, temperature resistance, ductility, wear resistance, wear resistance, self-lubrication, chemical resistance and other properties. The flame retardant Shanghai nylon material also promotes the change of flame retardant nylon due to its good flame retardant properties, excellent physical properties of mechanical equipment, remarkable electrical insulation properties, good high temperature reliability, new product development coordination ability and cost controllability. It becomes a high-quality material suitable for the vast majority of industrial production power installation projects, electronic equipment and household appliances.


Shanghai nylon material is a kind of high toughness, stronger than ABS consumables

As a traditional raw material, Shanghai nylon material is famous for its excellent durability, high strength, high wear resistance, low wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and is widely used in the manufacturing industry.


Characteristics of Shanghai nylon material

Regarding the characteristics of Shanghai nylon materials, not only the problems encountered when printing Shanghai nylon materials are changed according to the support of the hardware upgrade package, but also more practical ones are launched through in-depth analysis of Shanghai nylon materials.

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